Who Are We?

As dog lovers, we recently bid farewell to our 16-year-old Maltese, who battled dementia, heart issues, and arthritis. Recognizing the challenges of caring for senior dogs, we come together to support each other, striving to ensure the comfort and happiness of our beloved aging furry companions.

Hanching Coffey


Hanching brings a wealth of experience from the media industry as a journalist and radio presenter, with a focus on various charity and social issues. Simultaneously, she holds a teaching qualification in Taiwan, further fueling her passion for education and community support.



Michael Coffey


Michael has a strong background in versatile program and project management, especially within non-profit, NGO initiatives, and civic engagement. His dedication revolves around uniting the social, technical, and creative realms, with a primary focus on nurturing cross-team collaboration to advance the mission of Senior Paws.

Featured in The Media

We feel privileged to have been invited by Kieran Foley to participate in an interview with Maria McCann on WLR Radio's 'Deise Today' show, scheduled for August 23, 2023. During the program, we shared how we utilized cutting-edge AI image technology to fulfill the unfulfilled dream of our beloved dog. Additionally, we also told the story behind the founding of Senior Paws.